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At Ensoul, our aim is to provide you with information about your skin in a series of easy to understand videos.
By understanding your skin condition, you will be able to learn more about the type of
medical aesthetic skin and body treatment modalities that is suitable for you.


Pigmentation Removal

Options To Treat Melasma

Acne Scars

Skin Around The Eyes

Active Acne Treatment

Build Your Collagen

Does Laser Thin The Skin?

Balancing Uneven Skin Tone


Losing Stubborn Fats

Reducing Abdomen Fat (Belly Fat)

How To Achieve Hourglass Figure, Effortlessly

Q&A with Dr. Kenneth Thean : Post-Partum Belly Fat

How To Achieve Slim, Toned and Cellulite-Free Legs, Without Surgery

Safe & Effective Methods To Eliminate Arm, Back & Bra Fat

Fat Reduction For Men

Cellulite Treatment Options

Insert Video

Non-Surgical Gynecomastia Reduction (Male Breasts)