My Innovative Treatments Solutions

 Every treatment modality has its own exceptional inherent benefits. I decided to develop unique treatments that combine multiple cutting-edge technologies to harness their greatest effect in a synergistic cascading manner.

The old way was to use just one modality to treat the skin problem. In order to achieve the desired effect the only technique in those days was to increase the treatment intensity. While more intense treatment can confer better results, skin is a very delicate tissue and cannot tolerate power above a certain level. The threshold limit of over treatment varies a lot and it is simply not possible to ascertain with any degree of certainty when this limit is reached for any patient. On some occasions, the skin may get injured. Also, this single dimensional method to use only one treatment modality, and to increase its power to achieve the desired results creates more pain. There is usually more after treatment discomfort and a longer downtime. There is the increased risk getting unpredictable, and sometimes damaging results. This can make the whole experience unpleasant for patients.

I have advanced my techniques and now always combine several synergistic procedures that, while are individually effective and safe, provides much better results when used in combination than when used individually. Each procedure is done at a safe and comfortable setting in a well-established protocol sequence. The modalities treat different layers and structures of the skin, and is therefore able to treat the skin more completely. This approach gives better effect than individual treatment much more safely, minimizing pain, while giving a shorter downtime.

I complement my unique combination treatment with medical grade dermatological products from my own customised skin care range. I formulate and prescribe products of the highest quality to give you maximal skin enhancement after your treatment and continued skin improvement long after every treatment session.

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